Rosberg’s Psycho-Kniff- Hamilton on top

After his sensitive Silverstone damper Nico Rosberg wants to help himself with a psychological pinch, Lewis Hamilton wants to fire out of all the pipes: The head-to-head duel between the two Mercedes Stallrivals around the WM crown in formula 1 starts from virtually zero.

After four victories from the last five races Hamilton has completed the turnaround and has reached up to one counter at the Rosberg sanctioned in England. I fire from all the pipes and want to continue this,”said the English title defender after his triumphant ride at the Grand Prix of Great Britain in front of the local fans.

Rosberg has fallen into the trap after four starting victories on his title course, but wants to remain confident by means of a motivational mask.” I prefer the’glass-half-full’version,”the 31-year-old assured even before announcing his sentence for a forbidden radio call with a view to his almost exhausted lead. After all, he still leads the World Cup and could win any other race.” It’s a long way to go. I feel great, the duel with Lewis goes on.”

So really great Rosberg could no longer be in tune. The racing commissioners anticipated that he would no longer turn to the seventh gear because of transmission problems. Mercedes has violated radio regulations requiring the driver to drive “alone and without help”. The penalty: ten seconds penalty, loss of place two, slip to rank three.

“One should think about the rules between the FIA and the teams. Perhaps you should go into more detail about what is actually allowed,”Mercedes Motorsport Chief Toto Wolff said before announcing the verdict. If you are not to communicate at all, you can also turn off the radio and throw it out of the car.”After the punishment on Sunday evening Mercedes registered a protest to keep an objection to the verdict open. For this decision, 96-hour time remains for the racing stables.

Change of leadership in Hungary?

Two weeks is Rosberg’s time before the four-time Hungaroring winner Hamilton in Hungary wants to replace him at the top of the driver’s rating. But the native Wiesbaden does not want to worry about the changing power ratios this season.” I’m not thinking about that. He won this weekend and I will try again to win the next race,”Rosberg explained.

Silverstone gave Hamilton a noticeably further boost.” Lewis stormed out at the beginning and had the right pace, he went over the water,”Wolff swarmed after the first race with a tightened code of conduct for his multiple-collided drivers. On the question of why he was faster than Rosberg in the middle section, Hamilton said jokingly, because he had “bigger balls.” What the British definitely has is an impressive attitude. From 43 points behind Rosberg after five races and recurring problems at the silver arrow he did not let himself be discouraged. After the double failure in Barcelona he managed to rebuild “a strong and positive attitude.” That is why I have won four races since then and want to continue this.”