Ross Brawn gives up ambitious engine changes

There are still no concrete answers as to what the Formula-1 engines will look like from season 2021. As for the future of the royal class, the participants are currently concealing themselves in silence.

It is clear, however, at least that the changes to the engine will not be as big as Formula One sports director Ross Brawn wanted, When Liberty Media presented a first draft in 2017.

In this case I was perhaps a little more ambitious in terms of changes,”Brawn confesses in a conversation with””. For example, it was originally planned to delete the MGU-H without replacement. The simplification of the engines, in addition to the existing Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda manufacturers, should attract new brands to the royal class.

However, some of the four existing manufacturers rebelled against many of the ideas. Background: For new engine manufacturers, the cheaper rules would have been more attractive than the current (more expensive) regulation. The existing manufacturers, however, should have invested a lot of money in the development of the new engines. It would be much cheaper for them to adhere to the current rules.

And so it looks at the moment that there will be no major changes to the power units. The MGU-H should also remain. I think we will have cheaper, simpler and louder [engines]. The only question is to what extent,”explains Brawn, saying that the current producers had”put forward their arguments well”. Possible new brands, on the other hand, were “not so committed.” Brawn promises: “There will be some changes”

Therefore the motto is now: “Let’s build on what we have.” Brawn explains: “The MGU-H was a big thing. I think it’s a bit dodgy when a manufacturer just comes or doesn’t come, depending on whether there’s an MGU-H or not.”And so it’s decided to focus rather on keeping the existing manufacturers in formula 1.

“The engine is tricky –maybe more than the car”, Brawn says, “We don’t want to lose a team. But if we lose one, hopefully formula 1 will be attractive enough to find a replacement.”On the other hand, it would be much more difficult for engine manufacturers to find a replacement, because newcomers in this area would have to put a”massive program”on their feet.

“If we lose an engine, then it directly affects two or three teams,”recalls Brawn. Nevertheless, he promises once again: “There will be some changes.” However, details of this are only supposed to be “in the coming months.” We’re not talking about it at the moment,”Brawn said. But at least he reveals that he is personally sure that you will go in the “right direction.”