Schalke Board for the Exclusion of Arbitrators

Schalke CEO Peter Peters has expressed his support for the separation of referees from the organisational structure of the German Football Federation according to the English model.

“This is the topic in the discussions with the DFB. I think a lot about the idea,”said the top official of the German Football League in an interview of the”Sport Bild”.

In England, the referee for the Premier League is not organised by the national football association. Recently there had been a lot of criticism of the achievements of the Bundesliga referendums. The organisation of the referee division is not the responsibility of the DFL but of the DFB, just like the sporting jurisdiction for professional football.

“The FIFA leaves the referees alone with their problems”

In the discussion about the controversial rule of hand-play Peters hopes for a quick improvement.” Anyone who loves football feels that the rule of a shot hand doesn’t fit that way. FIFA leaves arbitrators alone with their problems,”said Peters. He demanded “clarity” from the International Football Association Board responsible for rules.

Am 1. In June, a modification of the rule of hand-play will enter into force, which is intended to better explain unintentional hand-play. However, there will still be room for interpretation for the references.