Schalke-Boss Schneider defends termination of drivers

Schalke Sports Board Jochen Schneider has described the resignation of 24 employees of the travel service as an “unquestionably correct” decision.

Other than in the highly criticized handling of fans in the question of ticket refund, this time the football federation is not aware of any guilt.” There is no doubt that we have made a big mistake, not this time,”said the 49-year-old to the”Funke Medien”.

The decision about the driving service had already been made a long time ago and has now been implemented,”because nobody is driving anyway.” We must also lead the association from an economic point of view,”commented Schneider, but envisioned help for those affected.”We have to help the association from an economic point of view.” We are not going to let down anyone whose livelihood depends on this job.”

Last weekend, the resignation of 24 employees of the junior department’s travel service caused excitement. This work will be undertaken by an external service provider in the future. The club management had already been criticised because the fans had been asked to lodge a hardship claim for the refund of tickets due to the ghost games.

According to “Funke Medien” some drivers want to lodge redundancy claims with the labour court. The Chairman of the Works Council Martina Lenz reported that several drivers had reported to her. None of them had been informed of exactly what they were going to do with him.