Schumacher convinces Haas-Bosse: Very satisfied

Place 15 among 15 drivers: Mick Schumacher was the final straw in the Formula One tests in Abu Dhabi. But why does Ayao Komatsu speak of a good day for the US team as technical director at Haas? This explains the Japanese that Schumacher and the Haas crew at Yas Marina Circuit had done a lot of basic work for the season 2021.

“The focus was on Mick understanding the car and starting to play with the balance to get the best out of Mick,” says Komatsu. He emphasizes: “We did not look at round times, but wanted him to learn how different amounts of petrol, for example, affect.”

Schumacher’s delay of 3614 seconds on formula-1 return Fernando Alonso would not have to be representative for the above reasons, because Schumacher’s itinerary was for classical tests and not for a quick lap.

Everything to prepare for 2021

According to Komatsu, the Formula One climber should get a feeling for the “household with the tires with a heavy car”, namely “both at high asphalt temperature and in the evening, “When the temperatures were the lowest,” says Komatsu. He praises the Formula Two Champion of the 2020 season: “Mick has initiated many changes [on set-up] himself and used the tools available to him.”

Schumacher himself also speaks positively and speaks of a “nice feeling” at the end of a long test day with 125 laps in Abu Dhabi. This corresponds to 228 percent of a Grand Prix distance on the Yas Marina Circuit. Only three other drivers completed slightly more kilometers than shoemakers.

Schumacher’s personal conclusion

He was “very happy” with the great distance, the German says. “He is very happy with the great distance.” He’s not a runner when he’s testing. We decided to make many rounds, valuable rounds, and that was very positive.”

“The key today was to better understand the tires, and for that the long runs were very good. I think we did it, and now I have a good knowledge that I can build on, even if the tyres are going to be a little different next year.”

Schumacher also had the opportunity in the Young Driver test, Get to know more Haas team staff: He had worked with Kevin Magnussen’s crew on Friday, now the people who had previously looked after Romain Grosjean were there.

Team is “very satisfied” with Schumacher

He feels comfortable on the team, Schumacher says. And he knows the team is happy with his performance. That’s a good thing,”says the Formula One newcomer and adds:”I was overjoyed to be in the car today, and driving was really fun. I look forward to next year.”

Komatsu in any case Schumacher certifies after the Formula One test. The one over two races put his driver away well, he says. His fitness was absolutely no problem.”

Schumacher also pointed out in other respects:”He has the program and what we wanted from him exactly understood. He also made eleven test runs from the Formula-2 boxing alley, and over the course of the day he managed the procedures better and better. In the end he was already on a good level.”

One is”very satisfied in all things”with Schumacher, Komatsu says. Conclusion: “His attitude was excellent, just as he understood the program, the car and the collaboration with the engineers to improve tyre management. Excellent. We are very satisfied.”