Seals over Muller, Coutinho and the “seal move”

At FC Bavaria, Arjen Robben marked an er a before hanging the football shoes on the nail in the summer. Now the “football pensioner” has confessed to some important questions and answers.

In a conversation with “Sky90 – the KIA football debate”, Robben comments among other things on ex-players, offers from other clubs and the reasons for his career ending.

… to the reasons for his career ending: “This is difficult to explain in one sentence. I don’t think we can do this overnight. I’ve been thinking for a long time. That was the hardest decision I’ve ever made in my career. I hope it’s the right decision. I think when you put it all together, it’s got a little gut feeling. You ask yourself, what more do I want and what can I do after ten years at Bavaria Munich at the highest level? It’s difficult. Then it all comes together and in the end you say: it’s good.”

… to offers from other clubs: “I saw it as a huge compliment that there were so many offers. I have looked at one or two things very seriously, had a few meetings and listened to clubs. I always prefer to keep this to myself. There have been some good offers, but it has nothing to do with the clubs. In the end I said it was good and I quit.”

… to Thomas Muller: “I am a big fan of Thomas. He has qualities that no one on this team has. You need them, too. He’s a team player. He runs the rooms, goes deep. He is a very, very important player to me and he has shown that. See the last phase of the last season, since he has played superbly.”

… to the tactical advantages with Thomas Muller in the starting eleven: “He goes deep, he goes behind the defense. It’s always hard for an opponent to defend. Bavaria’s always playing against teams that line up in the back. Then you need surprises, you need speed, you need a lot of exercise. This is always the biggest task.”

… on whether he wants to work as a trainer in the future: “Not at the moment. I don’t have the ambition to say I want to be a top-level coach. Then go back into business at once. I want to consciously distance myself from football. I will train my own son, who is now seven years old. I want to consciously take time, have time for the family and have no great obligations. Let’s see what comes to me. I am relaxed there.”

… to Philippe Coutinho: “He is a football player with huge potential. You have to give him some time. He’s coming to a new club, a new team. It always takes some time, a few weeks. He will certainly show many good games for Bavaria.”

… to WM 2010: “I came back in an atypical way, much faster and it worked. I’ve played the entire World Cup… to the finals for over 120 minutes. In the final, only the one-on-one scene against the goalie is shown. But for me it is still a miracle that I ever played this tournament.”

… to his given chance in the World Cup Final: “Disappointments belong to every football career, but so do many titles. That was a huge disappointment. You will not get the chance again.”

… to his relationship with Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Muller-WohlWohlWohlWohlWohlWohlWohlWohlWohlWohlWohlWohlWohlWohlWohlWohlheit: “It was of course great. I owe the doc a lot. There’s a lot of talk about Doctor Muller’s charity, but I owe a lot of people something. I’ve worked with super physical therapists, super fitness trainers. Then I had my own people in private. Everyone contributed their part to me being fit.”

… to his long break after the World Cup: “I was gone six months, it had to grow together. There was also the discussion as to whether I would even make it to a hundred percent. Fitness trainer Thomas Wilhelmi still talks about it: it was the most beautiful rehab, for him, too, for me. We’ve been working for six months, and then you come back and you have all your strength back. This was of course a huge illumination.”

… currently after the lost Champions League Final 2012: “With me is still very good in memory, we were at the training camp, so you felt and noticed that in the team was a”Now First Right”feeling, now we beat this back. I still think that’s the most beautiful thing. You can’t say that in words. This feeling that you can feel everyone burning. Actually, the Bundesliga could have started there.”

… to the thought of leaving Bavaria at that time: “This might go through your head very briefly. At the time, of course, I was often asked whether I was thinking about leaving now. You’re going on vacation and you really want to start again as soon as possible. We as a team are even closer together. It was difficult, of course.”

… to his famous “seal move”: “There is no secret. It’s right timing and waiting for the defense attorney to do it. The surprise must always remain. You can’t keep pulling every game in over 90 minutes. You must also search the combination.”

… on the question whether his career would have been possible without Franck Ribbery: “Maybe, but it would have been different. We had so much fun together. I owe him a lot. It has been a great honor to play with him.”

… to Leroy Sane: “You must not underestimate such a serious injury. You have to fight, you just have to have one goal in mind, and when I get back, I’ll show it to everyone. With these thoughts you must work with the Physios every day.”