Second Bahrain race on Oval Course

Formula 1 has confirmed t hat the second race in Bahrain is actually taking place on the Outer Circuit, the sports director Ross Brawn had described as “oval-like”.

Only this week four more dates at the end of the 2020 season were confirmed –of which twice in Bahrain.

During the Grand Prix course of Bahrain on 29th. November takes place on the regular Grand Prix course, Sachir’s Grand Prix is due to be held a week later (December 6th).

“We are pleased to announce the Sachir Grand Prix’s Grand Prix Course,” says Formula One Sports Director Ross Brawn. “We are pleased to announce the Sachir Grand Prix Course.” We have considered some options for an alternative layout and have come to the conclusion that the outdoor course is the best alternative and will offer all teams a new challenge.

“Our fans will be entertained with high speeds and fast lap times,” Brawn promises. The Outer Circuit is 3543 kilometers long and has eleven curves. Instead of bending to the inner part after curve 4, the pilots drive through some faster curves and in the original curve 13 come back to the last straight before the start goal.

lap times under 55 seconds?

After Monaco the course is thus the second shortest of the calendar. With 87 rounds the number of rounds will be accordingly high. Simulations predict in qualifying lap times of under 55 seconds.

“This is a low-down-force line,” says Salman bin Isa al-Chalifa. I’m not comparing it to Monza, but here the cars can run with the lowest output.”He goes on to stress:”Our course has never been used for international competitions, hence it will be an exciting challenge for all involved.”

As the formula 1 continues to announce, The race will be a real break-up. Both the qualifying and the race will start at a later date than the Bahrain Grand Prix.