Sergio Perez reveals goals for F1-WM 2020

Racing Point started the Formula-1-season 2019 thanks to a new owner, but the performance problems of the midfielder team were not exactly cured. Sergio Perez made it to the top ten in the overall rating with a bang and a bang. In the designer’s rating one could not get beyond the rank seven.

This left one well behind one’s own expectations, because Racing Point had actually hoped to become fifth or fourth. Perez is looking for explanations: I think we paid the price for the late change last year. This, in my view, was the main reason, more than anything else,”says the Mexican.

In so doing, he speaks of the insolvency of Force India and the associated restructuring. Now that the first season as a new racing stadium is over, Perez hopes to attack again next year: “I think we have the potential to improve greatly. But of course there are many great teams out there.”

“They will all work on improving themselves. So it’s gonna be even harder for us to catch up. Nevertheless, I think podiums and rank four in the championship should be the goal for us next year,”Perez suggests. So you want to become “Best of the Rest”, so to speak, the spearhead of the contested middle field.

With constant rules no easy task: “I think, in a way, it brings the whole field much closer together if there is a certain stability of the rules. In general, over the years, we have seen that the field tends to be closer together when little changes. So I expect this to happen next year.”