Shock for Drux! Long break and EM-out!

Junior star Paul Drux is expected to fall out for six months due to a severe shoulder injury. This means that the 20-year-old backroom player from the Bundesliga Fox Berlin probably also lacks the national team at the European Championship in Poland in January 2016.

“This is very bitter,” said Fox Managing Director Bob Hanning. “This is very bitter.” We will give him all the time in the world so that he can fully recover.”Drux had a crack of the cartilage on his right shoulder blade during a throw attempt in a training game last week. The best German junior player was already operated on in Bonn by Professor Kurt Steuer, the doctor of the National Team.

Hanning described the failure as “double bitter”, because Drux was supposed to “form the pillar” in the left back room and they wanted to “integrate the talents Kevin Struck and Fynn-Ole Fritz” as a backup. “We will now definitely look again at the transfer market, everything else would also be careless,” said Hanning.


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