Sigur sson takes Heinevetter back

A month after Poland won the title title, German trainer Dagur Sigur sson fires the competition for the German European champions.

In addition to Uwe Gensheimer, Patrick Groetzki and Paul Drux, the Icelander also nominated the goalkeeper Silvio Heinevetter, not included in the EM, for the first two games after the surprise coup at the end of January. The two test games against Qatar will be held on the 11th and 13th of March in Leipzig and Berlin.

“With the games against Qatar, the time for us finally begins after the European Championship and before the Olympics,” Sigurdsson said: “We have many personal possibilities in the Bundesliga. This makes any nomination exciting and is a plus for the national team. But we must continue to work hard, To stay on our path – Success is not self-evident.”The Bundestrainer must continue to renounce the cyclist Patrick Wiencek (cross-band drawing) from THW Kiel.

Olympiaquali already in the bag

The duel against the Vice World Champion Qatar is the first step in the selection of the German Handball Association on the way to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and a new edition of the 2015 quarter-finals lost with 24:26.

“There are not many teams with which we have an account. With Qatar, yes. It would be very nice to turn this back in the right direction,”Sigurdson said. The German team is already qualified for the peak of the season in the summer due to the EM victory.

The German national team’s bid for the Qatar Country Games:
Tor: Carsten Lichtlein (VfL Gummersbach), Silvio Heinevetter (Fox Berlin), Andreas Wolff (HSG Wetzlar)
Linksaussen: Uwe Gensheimer (Rhein-Neckar Lion), Rune Dahmke (THW Kiel)
Backspace left: Steffen Feith (HSG Wetzlar), Finn Lemke (SC Magdeburg), Julius Kuhn (VfL Gummersbach)
Backspace Middle: Martin Strobel (HBW Balingen Weilstetten), Niclas Pieczkowski (TuS N-Lubbecke), Paul Drux (fox Berlin)
Backspace right: Kai Hafer (TSV Hannover-Burgdorf), Fabian Wiede (fox Berlin)
Outside: Tobias Reichmann (KS Vive Tauron Kielce/POL), Patrick Groetzki (Rhein-Neckar Lion)
Kreis: Hendrik Pekeler (Rhein-Neckar Lion), Erik Schmidt (TSV Hannover-Burgdorf), Jannik Kohlbacher (HSG Wetzlar)

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