Spielberg: Hard nut and damage limitation

Sebastian Vettel’s Formula-1 balance sheet in Spielberg is expandable. The German Ferrari pilot has never been better than rank four 2015. In Austria, however, Vettel could continue to distance himself from the battered WM rival Lewis Hamilton.

VETTEL-VORTEIL: Sebastian Vettel starts as second, Lewis Hamilton only as back after a penalty. Let’s do what we can. The victory is achievable,”emphasised the German World Championship leader before lap nine in the World Championship duel with the Mercedes pilot from England.

“We are still losing a bit of the mountain, otherwise the car is pretty good.”Vettel naturally hopes to pass Pole-man and Hamilton teammate Valtteri Bottas as soon as possible after the start.” The Valtteri will be a tough nut, he will be fast all weekend,”Vettel said.

INJURY: Lewis Hamilton is forced to catch up after his transfer due to an irregular gear change, In order not to lose any more ground in the World Cup fight with Sebastian Vettel.

“It’s about damage limitation,” the Mercedes pilot unequivocally admitted. Although the British rank three caught up in the qualification, after the transfer he only has eight seats in the starting lineup. Last year’s Hamilton is determined to perform a trick similar to 2014: at that time he rested from nine to two. I will deliver the best job I can,”he announced.

DROHENDE SPERRE: Sebastian Vettel has scored nine points in his sin list since his rebel attack in Baku. If three more meters are added in Austria, it is automatically locked for a Grand Prix. Can the Ferrari driver be influenced by the imminent exclusion?” I’m not racing to fuck up,”said Vettel.”I’m not racing to fuck up.” We normally run our race, try to get the best out.”

KULISSE: 1984 you advertise the Austrian race on posters as”Holiday Grand Prix in the Green”. The scenery with mountain, forest and meadow in Styria is still a great attraction. After only 85.000 visitors last year, the organisers set the bar higher and want to finish with 160.000 spectators at the race weekend. Daniel Ricciardo as fourth and Max Verstappen as fifth let the Red Bull fans at least hope for a podium for their drivers.