Sports economist: significantly higher salary requirement

Sports economist Christoph Breuer does not consider a special role for the Bundesliga justified in times of the Corona crisis.

“My head confirms this, even if my heart regrets it. Football is part of the entertainment industry, but it is substitutable, also as an advertising platform,”said the professor of the University of Sports in Cologne of the”World”.

From the perspective of the German Football League, however, the ball should quickly roll again, as a reduction in costs would be difficult. The expenditure of the associations would continue to exist in the long term through existing contracts, but in the short term there would be a gap on the revenue side.” In my institute, we have calculated that the intended wage reduction is far from sufficient in the best possible scenario. Ten to 20 percent should be saved by the renunciation of the professionals. According to our calculations, it should be 40 per cent,”said Breuer.

The game in German professional football is currently resting due to the Coronavirus pandemic until at least the end of this month. I got 23rd. In April, the clubs want to advise on the follow-up to a membership meeting. The declared goal is to keep the season up to thirty. Complete June. The policy guidelines are crucial here. A potentially pioneering conference of federations and countries is due on Wednesday.