Steiner warns his Haas-Rookies shoemaker and Mazepine

Haas team leader Gunter Steiner warned his rookies Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin against driving each other into the car during their Formula One premiere season.

Schumacher and Mazepin are, of course, two ambitious young drivers who want to show who the better driver is”, Steiner said in an interview with “RTL/ntv”: “If they fight without harming the team, I have no problem with that either. Only if they get in the car, I get a problem and then they have a problem.”

Formula-1-season 2021 has not even started yet, but Haas is already fully committed to 2022 when a new rule applies in the royal class.”Our goal is to get 2022 to where we were 2018 (place 5, d. “Red.),” stressed Steiner. Therefore, do not put too much time and resources into the car for the upcoming season, 2021 is “a transitional year,” Steiner explained.

“In the wind tunnel we work only for 2022 from next week. If not everything goes wrong, we do nothing at 2021er Auto, but focus entirely on the car for 2022”, said the South Tyrolean. There will also be no updates during the season. Instead, Steiner says, “work with full throttle on the 22nd car,” says Steiner.

Mick Schumacher should stay two years

The goals Haas sets for 2021 are modest accordingly.” It would be ideal to leave Alfa Romeo and Williams behind. It’s gonna be tough, it’s gonna be another fight like last year. Our engine (Ferrari, d. Red.) will be better. Alfa has it in there, but maybe we can catch up with Williams, otherwise he’s not in much at the moment because we were just too far away last year,”said Steiner.

His chauffeur duo Schumacher/Mazepin is not putting pressure on the team leader yet. The two should first gain experience.” For me it would be a success to have two drivers at the end of the year who have learned a lot and are ready for 2022, so that we do not make any more mistakes,”said Steiner.

You have to give the freshmen”yes also the chance to develop. At the end of the year we should still have two young but experienced drivers. Two’young-experienced’drivers should come out,”Steiner joked.

Schumacher, according to the plan, should definitely drive for two years at Haas. Only a year wouldn’t bring much. It takes a rookie a year to get used to the team and formula one. Progress can then be made in the second year. The driver and also the team around the driver.”


The 55-year-old also commented on Mazepin’s Grapsch scandal at the end of the previous year. The young Russian had uploaded a clip of himself on Instagram, touching a young woman’s chest.

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“We arranged this in private, I do not go into the details. That was not right, Nikita apologized, he knows it is wrong and that is a sign for me that he understood it,”says Steiner.