Steps “do everything possible” to go to the EM

goalkeeper Kevin Trapp of the Bundesliga Eintracht Frankfurt wants to do everything in his power to be in the European Championship in the summer.

“It is a goal of mine. I was injured for three months and wanted to get back in shape to do everything to go to the European Championship,”said the 29-year-old after the 5:0 (1:0) victory against FC Augsburg.

At the World Championship 2018 in Russia Trapp was already there and was already able to sniff tournament air. It’s a nice thing to experience such a tournament,”said Trapp, but focused on the Bundesliga for the first time:”Now it’s important that I bring performance and help the team win games. This would help.”

On Friday night he advertised for it in his own right. In the first half of the season Trapp reacted three times brilliantly and held the one-way lead before the break.

“We have to thank Kevin Trapp in the first half of the season for still being in the game,” also Eintracht Coach Adi Hutter notes after the game.