Study of TV piracy by Saudi broadcasters

The Federal League, FIFA and UEFA view the allegations of TV piracy by the Saudi Arabian broadcaster BeoutQ as proven by a study commissioned by themselves.

“The report confirms without a doubt, that the hijacked transmissions of “beoutQ” were broadcast using the satellite infrastructure owned and operated by Arabsat,”it says in a communication from the associations.

Together with the top leagues from England, Spain, France, Italy and the Asian Confederation had commissioned the German Football League MarkMonitor software company to carry out a technical analysis of the activities of “beoutQ.” We nonetheless call on Arabsat and all other satellite providers to stop providing platforms for pirate broadcasters (and to give an undertaking to refrain from such provision in the future), as this harms not only legitimate licensees, fans and players, but also sport, The debate is based on the crisis between the upcoming host of the World Cup, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. This is the reason for the debate. The broadcasting rights for many sporting events are located in the Arab world at the station “beIn Sports” based in Qatar.

However, the broadcaster does not have a broadcasting licence in Saudi Arabia. The resulting gap fills “beoutQ” and shows, among other things, games of European football leagues or major events such as the World Cup in Russia, without having the rights to do so.

The Kingdom has repeatedly denied that the company has its headquarters in Saudi Arabia. This is exactly what the associations and leagues see as the right-holder.