Successful Mercedes Friday with obstacles

Mercedes is back in the dominance mode after the little Delle von Spielberg: During Friday’s training of formula 1 in Silverstone, the silver arrows hit back in their well-known convincing way and recovered the best time. Valtteri Bottas was the fastest man with 1:26.732 minutes, local mayor Lewis Hamilton followed with 0069 seconds delay.

Today has been a good day for me from the beginning, both in terms of my performance and the tuning of the vehicle,”says Bottas.”Today has been a good day for me from the beginning, both with regard to my performance and to the tuning of the vehicle.” It’s always a good feeling to be able to start off on a weekend like this. The vehicle balance seems to be good here, but I think we still have some room for improvement. p>

This statement should worry the competition, as Mercedes was already ahead on Friday. Although Ferrari is close to one lap behind with two tenth of its customers, the silver arrows clearly set the pace for the long runs before –especially Lewis Hamilton.

The Brit regularly drove times in the range of 1:31 or even 1:30 minutes, while for a long time none of the competitors came below 1:32 minutes.” It seems as if we can get involved in the fight for the top,”Hamilton remains stressed and sees the competition not far away:”Ferrari is usually a little slower on Friday, and then on Saturday to raise the pace.”

Wind and asphalt cause problems with Mercedes

But on one round you don’t want to write off anyone at Mercedes anyway:”On one round it is quite narrow, and no one has driven out the power unit so far. I think we need to look after Ferrari as well as Red Bull,”says technical chief James Allison.

At first the silver did not get through the rounds without problems today. It was not uncommon to see a Mercedes next to the track, because with the new asphalt in Silverstone and the wind you still had your difficulties.” Today it was quite windy and there were some wind waves, so it was not a simple day,”says Hamilton.

“The asphalt is very smooth, which is why it is difficult to get the tires to work properly. They are sometimes in the window and then they are not, even the winds have not made life easy for us,”said the Brit.”I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Valtteri, on the other hand, seemed to feel much better in the car.”

Problems with the spark plug at Bottas?

But the Finnish also reports that he has several times suddenly lost the liability on the new asphalt. Nevertheless, he felt basically comfortable in the car, especially in the curves. And in Silverstone there is a lot of it, so that is a good sign,”says Bottas.

However, there was a little concern with him in the meantime when Mercedes had to replace an allegedly defective lighter. Mercedes has yet to investigate exactly what it was about, but Allison says, “We wanted to make absolutely sure by swapping that we didn’t damage the engine. Pretty sure it’s a sensor problem instead of a lighter problem. But caution is better than leniency!”

At least cooling this weekend should not be a problem for Mercedes. With temperatures of just over 20-degree Celsius, the bolt does not sweat: “It has to be over 30-degree before we start to look worried,” says Allison. In Hockenheim, Budapest or Mexico, he expects the biggest problems.

Despite strong long runs: Mercedes remains cautious

The silver arrows have not built a large enough cooler into her car –that has put her in trouble in Austria. This is difficult to change after the car is finished, yet Allison hopes: “We have changed the car a little. With a bit of luck we have bought ourselves some space.”

This should not be a topic in Silverstone. According to the team, the main issue there will be who can best keep the front tire alive in the Longrun. This was Mercedes on Friday, but as a matter of fact one does not want to accept this circumstance for Sunday.

“The softer tyres looked competitive today also on our racing simulations. But it’s hard to tell if that’s going to be the case on Sunday,”said Allison.”I’m not sure that’s going to be the case on Sunday.” Even a slight change in temperature could cause the tyres to stop behaving like this. In addition, the asphalt is brand new and will change during the weekend. But it was nevertheless a promising beginning.”