Surer: Stroll is the yardstick for grease

With a real Mercedes engine and a chassis that has been imitated by the Mercedes concept of recent years, Sebastian Vettel with his new team Aston Martin was actually considered a secret tip for the formula-1-season 2021. But after the three-day winter tests in Bahrain, the frustration is great.

At the end Vettel was at 20. More slowly than the four-time World Champion, only Israeli Roy Nissany, who was bought as a test driver at Williams and was allowed to complete the functional tests on the first day with the lower FW43B.

Furthermore, Vettel only made 117 laps due to some technical problems, for example with the Mercedes gearbox. Again, no other regular rider was worse in the current starting field. Vettel, analysing expert Marc Surer on the YouTube channel of “”, simply needed more rounds, he should have shot himself. He had no opportunity to do so.”

For the Swiss, formerly known as Formula One Pilot himself and known in Germany as a former co-commentator at”Sky”, Vettel is not the great loser of the winter tests, but”primarily Aston Martin. They didn’t change the engine like McLaren did, and yet they had all kinds of problems.” h2>

“Maybe it was just bad luck. But it’s funny, because McLaren had zero problems, and Aston Martin had a lot going wrong. That gives you a little to think about,”says Surer. One theory is that while Mercedes himself and Aston Martin have disguised the Mercedes engine so tightly that even a bump comes out of the bodywork, The Mercedes engine has more space in the McLaren.

There the engineers around McLaren Technical Director James Key may have gone a touch more conservative in engine integration than Mercedes and Aston Martin. But this is currently only a suspicion and no fact confirmed by the teams.

Vettel himself does not deal with such details.” It’s all relative,”he draws up after three days of mid-term review. It is, of course, a lot new, and the conditions were not the best either. On the last day it went a little better for me, but the first two days were pretty brutal.”

As for the power ratio,”it looks pretty close to me,”he says,”and it would be good if it did! Red Bull looks very strong. With Mercedes, I’d be surprised if they weren’t at the front of the line, but it looks like the center field’s caught up. Then it depends on how the car feels.”

Vettel: Aston Martin AMR21″feels good”

“Ours feels good in principle, but as I said, this is all relative. A car can be benign and fantastic to drive, but if it’s too slow, it doesn’t do you any good. If, on the other hand, it feels terrible, but it’s still fast, you’re living with it. But we won’t find out until after a few races.”

Encouraging: Vettel’s teammate Lance Stroll did much better. The Canadian became twelfth in the test classification of all three days (1500 seconds delay), but made 197 laps. Surer emphasizes: “Fat is the sufferer, Stroll came to drive. He had a good trip on Saturday. So the car’s not so bad. But for Vettel it simply did not fit.”

The expert assumes that Vettel will need”one or two weekends”to become one with the Aston Martin,”no more”. The four-time World Champion himself had previously stated that he considered the five weekends of the race that Red Bull had mentioned in this connection Sergio P er ez to be realistic.

Surer believes that cracking straw will not be easy

To expect, In any case, Vettel would be expected to go under top six from the start and loosen up his teammates: “It’s Stroll’s team. And let’s not forget, Stroll was often faster than Perez on the same team. It is already fast, and by now also learn enough that it can implement it,”says Surer.

Especially at the season air raid on the 28th. In March in Bahrain, Stroll will therefore be”the benchmark for Vettel”, says Surer.”In March, Stroll will be “the benchmark for Vettel.” But we know that once Sebastian has set the car right, he will grow beyond himself again, as we know from before.”

He admits, for his part, that he has already started better prepared for a new Formula One season than 2021:”We would have liked to have had more days, especially with our little problems, but it’s the way it is. The first race will not be a test in the sense for us, but it is true that I will certainly learn a lot more there.”

“This is how it works for all of us, and not only for us, and not only the rounds of this test are missing, but in the first races everyone will have to find out, how their cars interact with the tires and so on. You’re obviously a lot further than the first race in the middle of the season,”says the 33-year-old.