That’s what Renault expects from the McLaren deal.

The Renault team is sure that the new drive part with McLaren would give a boost to their workforce. The French promise from the cooperation guide values for how strong their own bolt is when the car from Woking 2018 runs over the tracks with the same power.

McLaren is an inspiring team with two talented drivers who will be a reference for us in chassis construction”, Team leader Cyril Abiteboul explains in the context of the announcement.

Between the lines one can read from the sentence a remnant of Fernando Alonsos, which is supposed to have been an argument for the Rochade. After all, Stoffel Vandoorne is only identified as a McLaren pilot for the next Formula One year, but Abiteboul suggests to know his teammates as well. He expects better results from the Woking team: “It is an interesting new beginning with a World Champion team that is hungry to find old strength again.”

McLaren also wants to find a way out of the sad middle field: “We have the motivation, the desire and the means, 2018 to be a competitive size. Now the Renault Power gives us the ability to take a significant step forward,”says McLaren Board Mohammed bin Essa Al-Chalifa. However, the team and Nico Hullkenberg and Neo-teammate Carlos Sainz plan similar things. For this reason, McLaren could have contractually secured the same material, also compared to that of Red Bull.