That’s what Toto Wolff said just before the radio race.

Many viewers of Formula 1 wondered what radio Toto Wolff played shortly before the end of the race in Baku. In the TV picture we saw briefly how the Mercedes team leader had his finger on the radio.

Because Lewis Hamilton approached the leading Valtteri Bottas at this stage of the race, many wondered if Wolff had possibly pronounced a stable region.

It was not a message to us. We were allowed to fight to the end,”Hamilton explains immediately. And Wolff himself specifies on demand: “It was a discussion with our strategy team and the boxing wall whether Vettel would get close again or whether we could spare the engine. It was also about whether Leclerc or Verstappen was going to go on the fastest lap.”

“More a general discussion”, Wolff emphasizes and tells:”We knew it could be a bit’racy’. But we didn’t talk to [the drivers].”Mercedes remained faithful to his own credo of letting the pilots fight with each other.” Let her go free. They are both very experienced and know that they need to drive clean,”explains Wolff.

“Just look at the first round. It was very clean. Baku is a route where you can’t take unnecessary risks, because it can cost you both cars. They know that,”he praises his two pilots, who brought the places one and two safely to the finish. From the outside, the fourth double victory in the fourth season race was never really in serious danger.

Wolff never talks to the drivers himself

But Wolff tells us: “When we switched to the medium, we were not sure if the tyre would last until the end. A few laps after the change, we told them not to overload the tires. We weren’t sure if the tires would hold. Then we […] told them that in the end they will get the chance to carry out the race among themselves.”This promise was kept.

Incidentally: Toto Wolff never talks to his two pilots during a race in principle.” I know myself,”he smiles and explains,”I no longer allow myself to speak directly to the drivers, because I get too emotional and sometimes regret what I say afterwards. I never speak to the drivers myself during the race.”So it was in Baku.