The German handballers’WM game plan is set

The IHF World Association has published the official game plan for the Men’s Handball Championship in January in Germany and Denmark.

Accordingly, the opening game of the team of German trainer Christian Prokop against a unified team from Korea on the 10th of January at 18:15 o’clock in Berlin.

Also in time In the capital against Brazil (12.January, 18:15 clock), Russia (14.January, 18:00 clock), France (15.January, 20:30 clock) and Serbia (17.January, 18:00 clock) are fixed. In the event of the desired qualification for the main round, the DHB selection would start on the 19th of January (20:30) as well as on the 21st and 23rd of January (respectively 18:00) in Cologne.

The semi-finals of the World Cup would start on the 25th of January at 17:30 and 20:30 in Hamburg. The medal games on the 27th of January in the Danish Herning are finished for 14:30 clock (place 3) and 17:30 clock (final). The games of the German team are broadcast live from “ARD” and “ZDF.

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