This is how Honda reacts to the stasis failure

I just wanted to go home,”Max Verstappen said about the Tuscan Grand Prix in Mugello. There the Red Bull driver had already fallen out in the first round.

A collision had preceded a technical defect on his RB16. According to a lot of criticism, the Red Bull driver had to plug Honda in afterwards.

Now Honda project manager Toyoharu Tanabe says: “Since Mugello, we had priority to analyze the cause of Max’s failure.” The research before the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi would have yielded “several sources of error”. As a consequence, Honda modified the electronics and software of its drive.

“We have managed to develop solutions for each of these construction sites,” Tanabe says. “We have been able to develop solutions for each of them.” This should ensure that the bug does not recur.”

Hide, Honda delivers

The latter had been the explicit request of hiding. After Mugello, the Dutch had not cried out for his disappointment at the lack of reliability this year and for the first time also complained of an acute loss of appetite.

In Sochi, Verstpen said: “We had three failures in nine races. This is not very great.”He would have liked the break in the Formula-1 calendar to gain some distance. And now I am very motivated to start over again.”

He is happy about the measures taken at Honda.” It was important to understand the problems,”explains Understand. We can speculate a lot about that now. But it is time to prove it on the track.”

Sochi is not a good patch for Red Bull

Is Sochi the right patch for this? Understanding has its doubts. Red Bull has never played an important role in the Russian Grand Prix. So don’t expect miracles from us,”says Verstpen. He will nevertheless try to reach a podium, the first of Red Bull in Sochi.

To Mugello and possible other technical stumbling blocks he does not waste any more thoughts.” It’s never nice to end a race weekend like this,”he says. But we have to put this behind us now.”

That’s why he prefers to avoid further questions on the subject of Mugello and instead says:”After all, I enjoyed the food there.”So it wasn’t all bad.