Top referees oppose violence

The elite of the German football referees calls for more respect and opposes violence.

“We Schiris stand together. No matter what class, it says in a two-minute video for which more than 30-point references and their assistants spoke: “Violence belongs in the distance. Whether passive or active. Show violence the Red Card! The campaign motto is “We put violence aside”.

On the weekend, referee Nils C. was beaten unconscious by an FSV player in the game of the Hessian Circle C between the FSV Munster and TV Semd. The German Football Association (DFB) has also shown itself to be concerned.

“The numerous acts of violence, disrespect and attacks against referees in amateur courts also shock us, we are upset, incomprehensible and affected. Every incident is one too many, every form of violence is unacceptable,”a letter to the arbitrators, signed by DFB President Fritz Keller, Vice-President Rainer Koch and Ronny Zimmermann as well as Secretary-General Friedrich Curtius, said.