Toro-Rosso trick uncovered?

The Toro-Rosso team has an optical sensor that measures the acceleration of the car in longitudinal and transverse direction according to information from car motor and sport.

The innovation at the Bahrain Grand Prix was noticed three weeks ago, when during the night trips a small ball of light under the nose of the STR12, which illuminated the asphalt, was visible. It is possible that the technology is always used, but is not visible in daylight.

The Toro-Rosso engineers probably want to find out how much the bolt slides and have chosen a solution that offers more possibilities than the classical techniques, which only capture the acceleration in longitudinal direction. As it is further said, the “flashlight” would have helped to understand the changes and effects of different types of tyres.

The STR12 is considered to be the fastest racing car in the middle field of Formula 1. Chief engineer James Key, who is already dealing with Red Bull, has created a bolt together with his team, which reminds of the Mercedes: a narrow nose, a vertical transverse anchor on the front axle and extremely narrow side boxes give the rider a silver arrow look, even if not in colour.