Tree promises trend change: “We’ll make it”

Since five Bundesliga games, Manuel Baum has been the head trainer at the challenged FC Schalke 04. The royal flowers could not win in the Upper House of Football under his direction until now. Nevertheless, the 41-year-old continues to spread optimism.

“Schalke is a big tanker. Together we must manage to get the ship back on course”, the Schalke trainer in the”Sport Bild”again uses an image, To describe the current state in Gelsenkirchen.

With zero wins and only three points after seven game days, the royal flowers are currently ranked on the penultimate table place and are acutely threatened by decline. Only the also extremely weakening competition from Bielefeld, Cologne and Mainz is due to the fact that the buttons are still in close proximity to the non-drop zone.

Tree leaves no doubt at a turning point at S04 in the coming weeks anyway and promises: “We are on a good path. I can say with absolute conviction that we will make it, that the season will not be a sprint, it is clear. It will be more like a marathon.”

Tree wants to hit”Roots”on Schalke

The new head trainer installed after the busy start of the season by the previous David Wagner is currently meticulously working with his team to better study important processes and further strengthen positive developments. For example, the defensive game of the switches had already stabilized in the last four games, in which S04 had at least three undecided ones.

This defensive scaffolding needed to be further strengthened, in order to finally find in the offensive again federal performances, the trainer explained, who emphasized in this context: “We have addressed these issues and the progress is measurable and recognizable.”

Tree once again used the metaphor of his ambitions at the Ruhr Area Club: “There are several ways to make headings with my name. I wouldn’t have anything against one: “The tree beats on Schalke Roots”