Tuchel first opponent of Bavarian coach Kovac

The short flight to the beautiful lake of words in Carinthia will not be a leisure pleasure for Niko Kovac.

The first opponent of the new Bavarian coach on Saturday (16:00 clock) in Klagenfurt is the same in Thomas Tuchel, who had been treated for some time as top candidate for the Heynckes succession to the German series master.

Kovac p>Kovac It doesn’t really matter. After the DFB Cup with Eintracht Frankfurt, he won the championship in the Bundesliga with the commitment of the final opponent FC Bayern. There are always speculations: Coach 1a, 1b or 1c. I know that FC Bavaria has spoken to many trainers, including me. How the order was, I cannot say, nor is it important. I do not believe there was a 1a or 1b solution,”Kovac said. The 46-year-old does not see himself as a notary nail of Tuchel’s grace.

Tuchel decided after a year off early for the charming and challenging job at Paris Saint-Germain. The French champion, who, thanks to unlimited financial resources from Qatar in 222-million-man Neymar and the 180-million euro, can afford the world’s most expensive football champion, Bubi Kylian Mbappe, The ambitious Tuchel is expected to lead to the desired Champions League Triumph as soon as possible.

Kovac orders PSG test

In Munich, Kovac is also expected to have titles. Arjen Robben, Franck Ribbey and colleagues take the Croatian in training very seriously.” Preparation is preparation. This is part of it, you have to go through it,”said Kovac. 19-days after the start of training, however, he is now looking forward to his first game as a Bavarian coach, even if it dampens expectations.” PSG is a test game. Everyone wants to win the game, I’m sure. But I also know that after three weeks of preparation we are far from where we want to go and we will come,”said Kovac.

Big conclusions he expects as little as contrasting cloth. After all, both sides lack the many World Cup participants and thus most of the top stars. There’s supposed to be a smaller fingerprint. About Serge Gnabry: Youngster borrowed from 1899 Hoffenheim last season wants to start the competition with the Routiniers Robben and Ribbey as well as Kingsley Coman.

Trainers are the focus

“Serge is a fantastic player”, Kovac said about the 23-year-old Gnabry: “He can play on both wings. He can play technically clean football at the highest speed. That’s what today’s football needs.”Gnabry’s not supposed to rush into anything, not even against PSG. He is one who has to find his way in,”Kovac cautioned:”He comes from an injury. Our goal with him is that he will be topfit at the end of the preparation.”

So the trainers are at the word lake stadium in focus: Kovac is looking forward to seeing his colleague Tuchel, against whom he already played with Eintracht Frankfurt, when Tuchel was still a trainer at Borussia Dortmund. I really appreciate Thomas. He has proven to the BVB that he is a successful coach. Being allowed to work with such stars at PSG is already unique. I am happy for him and believe that he will do well.”Kovac also dares to do so in Bavaria, by the way, whether as a 1a, 1b or 1c solution.