Ulreich at HSV “a bit hotter” than at FC Bayern

After five years in Munich Sven Ulreich recently turned his back on FC Bavaria and the Bundesliga and joined the Hamburg SV. In an interview, the goalkeeper spoke about the differences between the playing classes.

“Some things happen more surprisingly than in the first. Call. There are occasional situations that are not expected to happen,”Ulreich said to the”picture”and went into detail:”Some teams, as occasionally in the first league, try to act with long balls.”

The HSV tries to play soccer.” This is very close to the Bundesliga,”stressed the 32-year-old finalist.

Even at Ulreich personally, some things have changed. While Keeper had to cope with the role of number two behind Manuel Neuer at FC Bavaria, he is an undisputed tribal player in Hamburg.

“The focus has changed completely. At the weekend, you can show what you can do,”said Ulreich, who admitted:”Of course, it makes you a little hotter. It’s a difference when you know you’re playing. One drives the concentration subconsciously a little earlier.”

HSV gets”nothing given”

With the HSV Ulreich measures the direct ascent to the Bundesliga.” We got off to a good start,”he said. However, the redheads in the league were given “nothing.” We saw this against Pfrth, Wurzburg, and especially against St. Pauli,”commented the Routinier.

The Hamburg SV lies undefeated on the first table of the 2nd after six game days. Bundesliga! Only at Remis (2:2) against FC St. Pauli last weekend the HSV dropped points.

In all four possible games since its transfer Ulreich stood between the posts. At the Hanseateatic, VfB Stuttgart’s longtime goalkeeper has signed a contract up to 2023.