Union professionals celebrate at the fence with fans

The players of Union Berlin celebrated after 1:1 (1:1) on Sunday against Schalke 04 with around 30 fans at the stadium and according to club reports did not violate the DFL hygiene concept.

“The players did not get too close to the fans, the behaviour was consistent with the distance in the hygiene concept”, Press spokesman Christian Arbeit said at the press conference.

Work also stressed that the behaviour of the followers before the stadium at the Old Forestry had been “all correct”. The police were on the spot and checked whether the distances were being observed.”There had been no complaints or evidence of place by the police, reported work.

During the game the cheers of the Union fans in the interior were clearly heard, After the final whistle the followers shouted, “We want to see the team!” Then the players went to the fence, stood on wooden benches and clapped across the fence to their fans.