V12 for dinosaurs: Wolff contradicts Hamilton’s wish

If you go to Lewis Hamilton, formula 1 will continue in the future with V12 engines and manual switching. This is how he explained it on Thursday and spoke from the heart of many fans, including Mercedes Motorsport Chief Toto Wolff. In a way, we are all dinosaurs because we like the sound of V12 and the old cars,”he says.

But the Austrian takes the right keyword into his mouth: dinosaurs. Because the days of V12 and manual switching are long gone and will not come back.” We have evolved since then. Everything becomes sustainable and CO2-neutral. The younger generation is simply not that interested in V12 engines,”says Wolff.

He stresses that formula 1 has the most efficient, powerful and performing engines of all time. The technology has turned the cars into fantastic high-tech machines, and this high-tech also goes into the road cars. He sees no chance of a retro-comeback.

He also finds that drivers would not like the step back to manual switching and many vibrations in the end.” Give them this, and they’ll complain,”he thinks. If we put a driver in an old car, he would say that it is too slow, only hard to get around the curves and looks old.”

Earlier not everything had been better either:”We over-nostalgise the past,”says Wolff.