Vestergaard nominates WM-Kader

Federal trainer Jakob Vestergaard has nominated 28 players for his expanded WM team and has reported to the World Association of IHF. This was announced by the German Handball Association.

Only one day before the World Championships start on the 5th of December against France, Vestergaard has to decide on his final 16er team. Nominations are only possible from the 28th to 20th. The World Cup takes place from the 5th to 20th December in Denmark.

“We have successfully begun the transition with the EM qualification games against Switzerland and Iceland. We continue along this path consistently,”says Vestergaard. The orientation of the team is already aimed at the Heim-WM 2017.

Vestergaard starts the direct preparation of the WM on the 23rd November in Leipzig. There Germany meets Poland on the 25th of November. Other country games are planned in Umag against Slovakia (27. November) and Croatia (28. November)

The extended World Cup offer:

Gate: Dinah Eckerle (Thuringia HC), Katja Kramarczyk (HC Leipzig), Clara Woltering (Borussia Dortmund), Antje Lenz (Buxtehuder SV), Anna Monz (HSG Blomberg-Lippe)
Left-hand seats: Franziska Muller (HSG Blomberg-Lippe), Lone Fischer (Buxtehuder SV), Ina Grossmann (TuS Metzingen), Kim Birke (VfL Oldenburg)
Right-hand seats: Svenja Huber (Thuringing HC), Alexandra Mazzucco (HC Leipzig), Marlene Zapf (TuS Metzingen)
Back room on the left: Shenia Minevskaya (HC Leipzig), Xenia Smits (Metz HB/FRA), Saskia Lang (HC Leipzig), Jessica Oldenburg (Buxtehuder SV), Nadja Nadgornaja (Borussia Dortmund)
Backspace Middle: Kim Naidzinavicius (TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen), Anna Loerper (TuS Metzingen), Angie Geschke (VfL Oldenburg), Julia Wenzl (VfL Oldenburg)
Backspace right: Anne Hubinger (HC Leipzig), Susann Muller (SG BBM Bietigheim), Jennifer Rode (TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen), Isabell Klein (Buxtehuder SV)
Kreis: Luisa Schulze (HC Leipzig), Julia Behnke (TuS Metzingen), Meike Schmelzer (Thuringian HC)

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