Vettel believes in poles and victory after training gossip

Despite a disappointing performance in the Open Training for the Monaco Grand Prix compared to Red Bull, Ferrari pilot Sebastian Vettel continues to have hopes for the race.

The German still loves the pole position despite his third place and 0572 seconds behind Daniel Ricciardo. I would not decide who has the nose in front on Saturday,”says Vettel, knowing that starting point one in Monaco is half the rent.

He does not trust the Red Bull pace:”It is not the first time that it is on a Friday (he means the training day, in Monaco therefore on Thursday; Amen. d. Red.) have looked good,”says Vettel, indicating that Ricciardo and Max’s comprehension as so often in qualifying could be lacking in pace –especially if Ferrari still puts his set-up on the forefront and he can take more risks.” I think we can still work on the balance a little bit,”says Vettel.

The reason is that the Ferrari slides too much in the two and three sectors. The sound of well-being it needs in Monaco is not the SF71H. Nevertheless, there would be no cause for concern, Vettel finds: “You can play with it a bit”, he says about driving. It’s not so bad when it slips. But I’m losing some time and we have to fix that.”

He’s”basically satisfied”, Vettel makes it clear and indicates that he could have been faster if there hadn’t been the ten-minute interruption because of a loose channel cover:”After that everyone goes out. It’s like in the casino,”he monitors traffic.

Besides, he preferred to touch the limit from the bottom with the sturdy car, Instead of risking a brick wall.

Vettel left: “Longruns actually don’t matter”

That Ferrari with a lot of fuel in the tank compared to Red Bull could be as far behind as other courses, Vettel is indifferent to the lack of overtaking possibilities in Monaco.

He obviously expects the usual procession in the race and therefore focuses on the qualification: “The long runs don’t really matter because it’s more important to stand in front”, finds Vettel.

He expects an attack of the slower Mercedes on Friday.” I don’t think we should write anyone off from the top three teams,”warns Vettel. By this, Vettel also means teammate Kimi Ruikkunen, who was only 0131 seconds slower than he was on the fifth of Friday’s training.

Period note: The race guide imposed a penalty of 100 euros on Vettel for exceeding the speed limit for boxing gases. He had 61 instead of the permissible 60 km/h on the speedo.

That Max Stuck in the first training in Sainte Devote entered the reverse (and was not punished for it), was half as wild for Vettel: “I saw relatively early that he was going back on the track. Luckily, there was enough room on the right, otherwise I would have had to stop. It would have been critical if it had stood back. But so it was no problem.”