VfB Sports Director Credentat recruits for more time

Sports director Sven Credentat of the VfB Stuttgart continues to urge patience in the sporting and economic development of the football federation.

“The biggest challenge in clubs such as the VfB Stuttgart and other traditional clubs is that often the time frame is not given”, Credentat said in the “DAZN”-Interview.

“It is hardly permissible to be allowed to make this step silent in a development in which it is also a step backwards. The path is critically questioned very, very quickly. It was even more important to get up in the first year. And that is why it is important to achieve our clear goal of class retention. This gives you the time to develop and build on,”said the sports director.

The club’s successes in the past should not be blinded, Credentat explained before the Bundesliga game at FC Schalke 04 on Friday.

“We cannot say, that the VfB Stuttgart with its perception must always be under the first six. You also have to create the economic opportunities for this, and they are not there at the moment,”said the 47-year-old. This is because we have not worked successfully in the years before. It cost money. We’re just clearing that up. But that can’t happen overnight.”