Viceroy season turned into a nightmare

The last four races have all been a nightmare”, Kimi has to identify Racing Kings after the Grand Prix of Russia. In Sochi, too, the Finnish had no luck with his 307. The start of the race had a decisive influence on his race. He became impatient and caused an early start. The first round was also crucial for teammates Antonio Giovinazzi. Both landed at the end of the field.

What happened at the start, queues were asked after the race. Usually the answer of the “Iceman”: “An early start.” He clearly rolled out of his starting position too early, for which he collected a ticket. It was already at the end of the field.

“That was my mistake, but at least I was able to circle back through the safety car. Unfortunately we did not have enough speed.”Against the racer he dueled with the Toro-Rosso pilots at the end of the field and profited from the internal skirmish, it was enough for place 13.

The 39-year-old now demands consequences.” We need to understand why the last four races were all a nightmare and what’s going wrong,”the Routinier stresses. After the collision with Max Verstappen in Spa, the tyre patzer in Italy and the collision with Daniil Kvyat in Singapore, he left empty for the fourth time in a series –that was last 2002 the case!

The worm is inside

“I think we had really good speed in the past races only in the spa. In the remaining races, we have more or less fought our way through.”Team leader Fred Vasseur regrets once again the poor performance of his team. In the second half of the season Alfa Romeo fell back on the eighth rank of designer (35 points).

“Unfortunately, this was once again a race in which the damage was already caused in the first round.” For it was not only queens who screwed up the start, in the start phase it was also possible in turn 5 at Antonio Giovinazzi. The Italian had been touched by Lance Stroll in curve 2.

A little later he found himself in the “sandwich” between Daniel Ricciardo on the inner and Romain Grosjean on the outer track. Antonio had a good start, but then he was squeezed by Grosjean and Ricciardo. He could not have done anything to prevent contact.”

While the Haas and Renault pilots had to give up the race, the Alpha pilot could continue. However, the C38 had been damaged by the three-way collision. We have to check if there was any more damage to the car, but that was a pretty tough touch,”the Italian comments.

“I don’t know if Daniel knew that I had Romain on the outside still beside me. I tried to get away from the gas and avoid contact, but it wasn’t enough and we touched.”The car felt”not right”after round one. Giovinazzi finished the race last in place 15.