Virologist sees problems in mind games

The virologist Ulf Dittmer looks forward to the plan of the football league to end the season in the ongoing Coronavirus crisis with ghost games with mixed feelings.

He considers it unproblematic to leave only around 250 participants p er game in the stadium. Other alleged measures, however, are critically assessed by the director of the Essen Institute of Virology in a conversation with the “German Press Agency”.

Thus, he expressed doubts as to whether the tests planned every three days by professionals and maintainers on the Corona virus “ethically justifiable”. testing. We must use our tests in such a way that they benefit those who really need them. I see this very critically if the resources for the tests do not improve significantly,”said Dittmer.

He sees the biggest problems in the case of a positively tested professional.” If you play 90-minute football, there are so many close contacts that you would have to say that the people in contact group 1 of an infected, so you call the group with the highest risk, go into quarantine. This is what most health agencies do,”Dittmer said.