Votes for game day: “Take the point with you”

After a contested, phased-out hectic game, the VfB Stuttgart and the 1, FC Cologne split up with a 1:1-tie. While VfB Coach Pellegrino Matarazzo is satisfied with the performance of his young team, the Colonies are still in the performance crisis. However, Effzeh-Caoch Gidsol defends himself against early panic. These are the voices for Friday’s 4th game. Spieltags:

VfB Stuttgart – 1. FC Cologne: 1:1

Daniel Didavi (VfB Stuttgart)

… to the game: “We started very well, do the gate right in the first minute, then it is a pity that my free kick does not go in. I think if we run 2:0 after two minutes, the game is over. Cologne fought well in the game. The eleventh meter was then unhappy and came a little unexpected. We then needed a little, but we also caught ourselves again. Cologne held up well. We must not forget we are ascenders. It was a balanced game, where we were a little closer to winning. It would have gone better, but we are not dissatisfied because we played properly.”

… to table situation: “We started well and now have eight points after five games. The most important thing is that you don’t lose to direct competitors and we did that today.”

… for the development of the team: “This is superb. You can see we’re better off with the first league. This year we started well, but we must not dream now. These were eight points that are important for class content. We got off to a good start, but that’s it. We haven’t achieved anything yet. We have to go to the limit every week to stay in this league.”

Gonzalo Castro (Captain VfB Stuttgart)…

… to the game: “We gladly take the point with us. Of course, we would have liked to have won, especially after the first few minutes, if we had had had the chance to lead 3:0. We then collect an unfortunate elf who threw us back a little. After that we are good in the game again and have a big chance, but in the end we are also happy about the point.”

… to the second half: “At some point you will miss the grains and therefore also the meters. Cologne and we also had large rooms, but both teams could not use them so well.”

Pellegrino Matarazzo (coach VfB Stuttgart)…

… to the game: “We entered the game very dynamically. That’s what they noticed at the gate. But after the elf, which was a bit too cheap, we lost the thread a bit. We then swam for almost a quarter of an hour, but we also stabilized in the end. The second half was an open game. We have taken a hard-fought point against a good opponent and I think the point is also going well.”

… to start the season: “One must not forget where we come from. We’re from the 2nd. Call. We had a good start to the season, but that doesn’t change the fact that we will fight for class retention in the coming weeks and months.”

… to today’s orientation (before the game): “We look at the strengths we have. That gives us some self-confidence. But we’re always sensitizing the boys that we’re in the league. There are only a few teams that are always favourites and the rest of the games decide the form of the day. That is why today’s game is a 50:50 game and whoever wants it more and shows the better energy performance has the greater chance to win the game.”

… about our own offensive (before the game): “It is important that an opponent does not understand that we can get to the goal via different ways. This means that we want to become dangerous through constructive construction, but also through counterplay. It’s good for us to have different weapons, which makes us a bit unpredictable.”

Sebastian Andersson. FC Cologne)…

… to the game: “Of course a point is a point, but we need more points. We have to start winning. We had a few chances to drop a gate, but we take the point with us, even though it was definitely possible to take a threesome today.”

… to Elfmeter: “It doesn’t matter if it was a mistake or not, it still remains a foul. It was a clear Elfmeter.”

… on the defensive work: “We should find a mixture, in the first passage we went full and were partially too open, especially at 1:0. At the end of the first half we were too open again and then they can play between our chains. We have to decide better in the future when we die and when we don’t.”

… to the next game against the Bavarians: “This will of course be a very hard game, against the perhaps best team in the world. Everyone here knows it’s going to be a tough game.”

Ismail Jakobs (1. FC Cologne)…

… to the game: “It was a very intense game. I’ve run a lot of races, and in the end, you’re still disappointed because we really wanted to win here. After the eleventh meter we were much better at the game, even in the second half. After that it was a game at eye level, yet you cannot be satisfied. In the end we give the game out of hand in the first 25 seconds, but we just have to keep going.”

… to the early encounter: “We must not attack so early. We had a starting height and we definitely did not follow it there. We all move forward so that the gaps become much too big and so the gate falls at the end.”

… to the next game against the Bavarians: “We want to win every game, even if it is difficult.”

Markus Gisdol (coach 1. FC Cologne)…

… to the personal situation (before the game): “Throughout the game against Frankfurt, the game against the ball was good and in the second half it was also good with ball. For us, it’s about getting on with it. We were able to play for the first time in almost full last week, almost to say, because of course our Captain Jonas Hector is still missing. Otherwise, we are now in such a position that I say we have good staff at our disposal. There is no reason for me to change anything about the starting formation today.”

… to the Sieglos series (before the game): “I have a problem connecting the last season with this season. We now have nine new players and this cadre has little to do with the one from last year.”

… to the game: “We need a hello-watch again and again, even in this game, it is super annoying to make the starting situation even more difficult. But that’s the only trouble. We were good at the game, we should have turned the game completely to get the three points. We have made a point that is valuable, we can live with it. You can see something in the team, I’m glad.”