Weakest descent point(s) in history

This extraordinary opportunity surprises even Thomas Doll. In the historically weak downhill battle, Hannover 96 enters the last games with the third-highest score in Bundesliga history and may still hope for a football miracle.

“I don’t know if this has ever happened in the Bundesliga,” asked the coach of the Lower Saxons before the 30’s. Game day. That with 14-points you still have the chance to hold the connection. We are still in the draw.”

Those who compare the current struggle for class survival with a Tombola must conclude that so far so many rivets have rarely been drawn. The three teams at the end of the table- the VfB Stuttgart (21 points), the first. FC Nuremberg (18) and Hanover (14) come together just once on 53 meters.

There were never so few at this time of the season. Even when Tasmania 1966 was on the course of the already existing negative record of ten points at the end of the season, the Berliners (7), Borussia Neunkirchen (22) and FC Schalke 04 (27) had three more points in common.

“All the alarm bells are on”

And so Hannover has been feeling decreasing for weeks already, Despite twelve defeats in the last thirteen games with a success at Hertha BSC on Easter Sunday, at least theoretically would be back in the race. In the direct descent tunnel, Stuttgart wants to reduce the delay from the location to the safe zone at FC Augsburg.” All alarm bells are with us and also with the coach,”said VfB-Profi Gonzalo Castro also with a view to his coach Markus Weinzierl. The 44-year-old is in danger of losing out in the event of another setback.

Leading, the negative results also hang on the swabs that have been around since the 16th. Winning game day just one more time. At Nuremberg, before the game at Bayer Leverkusen under the new coach Boris Schommers with three games without losing in series, there is a slight upward trend, but slowly the Franks run out of time.

All five teams under acute threat, including FC Schalke 04, have already reached the usual means of an exchange of trainers. A new trend, however, is that during the current season the Quintet also exchanged its staff for positions that are relevant for the selection of cadres. The clubs agree that more or less major errors in seasonal planning are an important reason for the precarious situation.

The team is “broken, badly assembled and failed”, complained Hannover’s main partner Martin Kind, even when sports director Horst Heldt was still in office. Augsburg’s Sports Director Stefan Reuter justified the separation from Technical Director Stephan Schwarz on the grounds that he was not satisfied with the recent transfers. The sports boards Michael Reschke (Stuttgart), Andreas Bornemann (Nuremberg) and Christian Heidel (Schalke) also had to leave. While Schalke, Stuttgart, and Hanover brought in the wrong people, Naughty Nuremberg did too little at the Transfermamarkt.

This season, however, the mistakes from the outset can no longer be fixed. Schalke, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Hannover will only win five wins together in the complete round back- only Augsburg will win four and will thus enter the final with the best starting position of the threatened teams.” We’re not on the finish line yet,”said FCA coach Martin Schmidt, giving up the motto for the tough downhill fight:”We’ll get to the finish line at some point, but right now it’s still steep up.”