Website mocks Nikita Mazepin

Haas-Rookie Nikita Mazepin does not have it easy at the moment. Although the excitement over his numerous transgressions has now subsided, his driving performance is all the more focused. And here, too, the Russian did not give a good figure in the first Formula One races of his career. Unknown people took this as an occasion to make fun of the 22-year-old.

At the first race in Bahrain Mazepin stood out before the end of the first round, while at the second race in Imola the Russian did reach the finish, In addition to his weak performances on the previous Sundays, Mazepin also attracted attention with his achievements in the training and qualifying sessions. Here, too, the rookie came off the track several times involuntarily and turned around several times.

When was the last time Mazepin turned around?

Unknown people have now created a website listing all the shots by Mazepin. Under the address “When did Mazepin turn?” the visitors learn how long the last turn of the Russian was and when he will get into the cockpit the next time. In addition, there are videos of all the sponsors that the Rookie has done so far in Formula 1.

Who created the site is not known. But Mazepin’s opponents are not lacking in the Formula One community. The 22-year-old, with his actions on and off the track, shot himself off weeks ago. The hashtag \35; WeSayNoToMazepin is also trending again and again in the social media.

The idea of the new website is not so new by the way. Many years ago, there was a page entitled “Has Maldonado crashed today”, which mocked the Venezuelan pastor Maldonado, who was also known for his “unfortunate” driving style.