“What if? This could be the formula 1 2021”

After the season 2020 a new time calculation begins in formula 1. In addition to new regulations, fans will also have to get used to unusual driver pairs, as almost all major contracts expire next year.

Which top star could sit in which cockpit? Which pairs send Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull into the race? strong> presents three possible constellations.

  • Ferrari: Lewis Hamilton/Charles Leclerc

Hamilton is one of the pilots whose contract expires at the end of 2020. The seven-time World Champion then has a free choice of place. Neither Ferrari nor Red Bull nor any other racing agency would reject the perhaps best, but certainly the most complete driver in the field.

That the British can imagine a farewell to Mercedes, Wolff himself and motor sports director Toto Wolff already indicated.

On 25 percent Wolff counted the chance for a Mercedes farewell. Hamilton, meanwhile, repeatedly stressed, how much he wants a new challenge, whether with the silver arrows or another team.

Will Hamilton and Leclerc become teammates?

Ferrari would undoubtedly be the racing stable, who could offer him this challenge. A title with the Scuderia is still considered the highest that a Formula One pilot can achieve. If Hamilton even had the chance to break Michael Schumacher’s record in the Ferrari and become world champion for the eighth time, he would hardly have said no.

By his side Hamilton would have had no ifs and buts Charles Leclerc. The Monegasse is one of the greatest talents in the Formula One circus and the man Ferrari relies on in the future.

In it Scuderia sees a future world champion. A world champion who may even have to let Lewis Hamilton take the lead.

  • Mercedes: Max Verstappen/Fernando Alonso

Already at 22 years old, there is only one goal for Max Verstappen: the World Championship title. Should the Dutchman not be able to fulfill his dream with Red Bull even 2020, a goodbye to his long-standing team is close. His ambition and talent make him the hottest stock in the driver’s market by the end of next season.

Wants to understand his chances for the World Championship, he has only two options left: Ferrari and Mercedes. At Scuderia, however, they are already afraid that a pair of Hiding/Leclerc might end up in chaos. This year, with his fraud proposals against Ferrari, the Dutchman has disqualified himself a little bit more by himself.

The 22-year-old is much more likely to sit in the Mercedes in the 2021-year-old. According to Lewis Hamilton, the silver arrows have already offered to hide in recent weeks. The team, for its part, has proved more than impressive that it makes WM dreams come true.

Understanding and Alonso as teammates?

Besides”Mad Max”it needs a rest period, who can enter points and wins at the same time. Fernando Alonso meets this profile. At the same time, the samurai is not contractually bound to a racing stable and a worldwide sympathizer who could compensate for the departure of Lewis Hamilton.

Alonso has already indicated his return to formula 1. His comeback would undoubtedly be a win for the entire royal class, but especially for Mercedes, that in Verstappen and Alonso would have a more than punching duo for the silver arrow.

  • Red Bull: Sebastian Vettel/Nyck de Vries

Ferrari and Mercedes could not have an empty space for Sebastian Vettel 2021, A change to a “second class” team is not an option for the cheerleader. Still a return to Red Bull. The racing stable, where Vettel became one of the most successful pilots in recent years.

Good contacts with his former employer have always been maintained by the four-time World Champion. The German also has many supporters in the Red Bull box. His relationship with Helmut Marko and Christian Horner is still excellent.

Vettel’s age as well as the previous philosophy of the racing stable, however, speak against a renewed engagement with the Austrians. Since 2009, Red Bull has been focused exclusively on drivers from its own stable. None of them were older than 25-year-olds. Vettel entered the season 2021.

But if Christian Horner and Co. decide to change course, Vettel could be a candidate for the first or second year. be second cockpit if the Heppenheimer wants to continue his career after the season 2020 at all.

Does Vettel return to Red Bull?Does Vettel return to Red Bull?

To have a powerful one-two punch, Red Bull also needs a strong second driver. A stay of Alex Albon is therefore conceivable. It is also possible to re-promote Pierre Gasly, who has found his way back to Toro Rosso.

It cannot be ruled out that Red Bull even uses Mercedes and attracts Formula Two champion Nyck de Vries to the team. The Dutchman has experience in the F2 formula E and will work 2020 in the formula-1 simulator for the silver arrows. However, Mercedes de Vries cannot guarantee a place in a Formula One cockpit. Here Red Bull could jump into the breach and secure a huge talent at the Transfermamarkt.

Whoever sits in which cockpit from 2021 onwards: Fans can already look forward to an exciting new era in which at the beginning there may not be a stone left on the other.

Christian Schenzel