Who has the best chance at poker for Luke’s Monastery Man?

Lukas Klostermann has become a hotly traded share in the European Trans-Ferengi market thanks to his strong performance at RB Leipzig. In addition to Borussia Dortmund and FC Bavaria Munich, FC Barcelona will also strive for a flexible external defender. analyzed, which club has the best prospects for a commitment and what are the chances of staying in Leipzig.

Poker around Lukas Klostermann: What does RB Leipzig say?

Klostermann’s contract with RB still runs up to 2021. So the Saxons would only have the opportunity next summer to generate a replacement sum for the defender of the VfL Bochum, who was obliged to buy a million euros at the bargaining price.

Leipzig’s efforts to extend Klostermann’s working paper as long as possible have been running out for months. An agreement was “not in sight”, noted “Image”.

RB Sports Director Markus Krusce still believes in a stay of the Silver Medal winner of Rio. “We are in intensive and good talks. We’ll see if we can reach an agreement. But we are very confident that we will reach a solution,”said the 39-year-old at the beginning of the week in a media conversation.

Crustaceans and Co. actually have good arguments on their side in advertising for Klostermann. The 23-year-old is placed with the Red Bulls, could develop in his usual environment. Coach Julian Nagelsmann is considered an outstanding player enhancer. In addition, thanks to the sophisticated use of the Red Bull millions, Leipzig has long been a contender.

But it is also clear: If Klostermann wants to take the next step in his career, he has to turn his back on the comfort zone RB.

Poker for Lukas Klostermann: What does the BVB say?

The BVB has a lot ahead of the Leipzig people in terms of standing and financial impact (at least still).

The view to run into more than 80.000 spectators in the signal Iduna Park every second weekend, Last but not least, Erling Haaland, who had been converted from half of Europe, was convinced by a change to Dortmund. In terms of salary, the Black Yellow can also go to the fullest than RB.

Dortmund has a need for Klostermann’s position: With Lukasz Piszczek (end of contract) and Achraf Hakimi (return to Real Madrid for rent), the BVB stand now loses two defenders at the end of the season. The 19-year-old Mateu Morey, committed to FC Barcelona before the season, has not yet completed a single mandatory minute for the professionals.

With his profile, fast, right and left deployable, offensively strong, Klostermann would face the BVB well.

In addition, a switch to the Ruhr area for the 1, 89-metre-man a return to his roots: Klostermann’s hometown Herdecke is only about 15-kilometer away from Dortmund. In a “WAZ” interview Klostermann admitted to having been “BVB sympathizer” in his childhood.

Poker for Lukas Klostermann: What speaks for FC Bavaria?

“Intensive” is intended to observe the record master Klostermann, last wrote “Image”. In the summer “the topic could get hot”.

Fest stands: FC Bavaria is already hand-holding for the current transfer period in search of a new player for the right defensive side. Joshua Kimmich has now found a new field of action in the central defensive middle field. New access Benjamin Pavard is needed as an additional variant in the internal defense.

“A legal defender is important. This would offer us more options,”Coach Hansi Flick formulated an unequivocal request for a transfer to the club leadership at the start of the training camp in Qatar.

Does Lukas Klostermann switch to FC Bavaria in the summer?

Should Klostermann really be the preferred long-term solution of Munich, a transitional model would be conceivable at first.

The collated scenario: For the round-back, the third table of the Bundesliga commits a player to the end of the season on a lease basis. The Portuguese Joao Cancelo of Manchester City could be a candidate. In the summer then comes Klostermann.

With a commitment from the Noch-Leipzig, FC Bayern would not only add new quality to its own cadre, but also weaken a direct competitor –in the past a preferred tactic of the Munich.

Poker around Lukas Klostermann: What speaks for FC Barcelona?

Klostermann’s good reputation is also said to have spread to Spain. According to “Sky”, Barca wants to “absolutely” commit the 14-time German national player.

Background: With Nelson Semedo, the Catalans do have an international class legal defender. The potential to mark an era with the 26-time Spanish master, as Dani Alves did before him, is not seen by those in charge of the Portuguese.

Since Joshua Kimmich, who has been regarded as a longing player of the Barca leaders for years, does not seem to get his attention, it is said.

However, it seems that it is highly questionable whether the professional who has been recruited really dares to go abroad this summer and then also to the shark tank Barcelona.

Tobias Knoop