Why constipation and radishes collided

Max Verstappen’s strong score is torn in Belgium on Sunday. The Dutchman already made a difference in the first round after an incident with Kimi Ruke queens in Eau Rouge.

He quickly found the trigger for the zero number: his start. According to Helmut Marko and Christian Horner, at least one podium in the spa would have been possible.

I had a bad start. I’m not sure why. We will look at that,”comments the 21-year-old’s resignation.

He has been struggling with spinning wheels. In the onboard recording you can see him falling not only behind the rows but also almost behind Perez.

“The test start was optimal, since he almost fell on the Hamilton at the back,” Helmut Marko added in the interview with the “ORF”. The right start would then have been less optimal.” It’s a combination of mapping, coupling and the like. We have to investigate this.”

Riding kites:”Suddenly I am riding two wheels”

Then one thing led to another and congestion found itself in a repetition of the start of 2016. For three years ago, it was already strong between the Reich King and the Dutchman in La Source. Yes, almost,”is reminded of the scene.

Already 2016 he was overlooked on the inner track, while queens outside remained on the ideal line.”The line was always on the outside. This was almost a repetition of the incident with Kimi 2016. Maybe this is a blind spot for Kimi!”, Christian Horner’s joking. He can understand as well as understand himself, however, that the incident was considered a racing accident.

“He is slowly inside, Kimi probably did not notice that he was there.” Before that he “perhaps braked a little later” than the two cars before him, describes Verstappen. ” But it worked for me anyway. I think Kimi didn’t expect me to be still inside.”

That’s why the”Iceman”stayed on the ideal. This created contact between the left front wheel of the Red Bull and the right rear wheel of the Alfa Romeo. Racing kings admit that after a mediocre start they concentrated mainly on the Mercedes drivers in front of him.

“I had to slow down quite a bit because of the Mercedes’in front of me. Then I thought it was okay, and suddenly I’m just riding two wheels. I’ve been focusing on slowing down because the Mercedes have chosen a very narrow line. Frankly, I have not seen him.”

King of the Rhine does not want to blame the Dutchman, just as the 21-year-old understands that the Finnish did it”not intentionally”. Finally, the Alpha was badly damaged. We had a lot of damage to the car, but we wanted to finish the race anyway. However, I had no more speed due to the damage.”

Marko:”Speed of Ferrari and Mercedes not exciting”

In case of congestion, the track is broken by the touch. So he drove straight into Eau Rouge a little later. He drove very slowly and it wasn’t completely broken. It was only when he drove through the right-hand curve that the load caused him to pass on only three wheels.”

Nothing happened during the crash, he remained unharmed and could get out. However, his series has been shrewd since Hungary 2018 in the top five. If the Dutch had started better, the series would probably have continued.

“I think Max had the Pace today to keep up with Mercedes and Ferrari,” Horner is convinced. The speed of Ferrari and Mercedes in the race was not exciting,”argues Marko,”this is what we expected. We would have gone with Max safely there.”

Because even on Friday in the second Free Training you could see that Red Bull was faster in the Longrun with Mercedes than the Reds. With a better start, Verstappen would have expanded the race around the podium to a five-game race.

Although Horner emphasizes that after the race it is “impossible” to say, he still speculates: “But we would have had enough peace, At least the third rank behind Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton would have been within reach.