Witsel: Favre “before a certain Jurgen Klopp”

Coach Lucien Favre is constantly criticized by Borussia Dortmund. Last but not least, Switzerland is accused of being unable to win titles with the Black Yellows. Midfielder Axel Witsel is vehemently opposed to this and is also bringing former BVB coach Jurgen Klopp into the game.

“We have scored points under Lucien Favre in two years around 150-that would be a top score for every team in the world,” the Belgian said in an interview with “Sport1”. In Germany there is also “exactly one team with a kind of title guarantee”, the FC Bayern. All other federalists would have to accept the challenge “and are all the more pleased if it works”.

Favres good work can be read in the numbers according to Witsel. He is also, if I am correctly informed, the BVB coach with the historically best score section –even before a certain Jurgen Klopp.”

And in fact: Under Favre, the BVB enters in section 2,16 points per game. Klopp came in his extremely successful era between 2008 and 2015 only to one, 91 Counter.

Another argument for Favre according to Witsel: “Also a Torrekord, like us this season, is not set up en passant at a club like Borussia Dortmund. So he could not have done so much wrong.”

Furthermore, the exercise leader within the team is fully accepted. Whether it’s a team leader or a reservist, I’m sure they’d find hardly anyone in the whole team who had doubts about his football skills,”Witsel said.

Axel Witsel wants to attack FC Bavaria

Favres flaw, t hat in two years with the BVB, he has neither won the championship nor the trophy, wants to fix Witsel as soon as possible. However, “this is not a desired concert, and a competition such as the DFB Cup is also a great challenge”.

In the next Bundesliga season Dortmund will “attack the Munich Series Champion again at any rate. But it will also have to be part of defeating them in the direct duels”. Witsel admitted that the BVB lost both games against the FC Bavaria in the end of the game, “belongs to the truth”, but Witsel admitted that the German record master was completely incomprehensible, and that “this would be tantamount to surrender”. However, the recent achievements of FC Bavaria earned “great respect”, according to Witsel.

BVB: Jadon Sancho and the “limits”

The success of the BVB in the coming years will ultimately also depend on whether the club can maintain its performers in the long term. Above all, Jadon Sancho, with its 33-goal participations (17-goal, 16-template) is hard to think about alone in the league.

“Sporty is its value undisputed. Of course he helps us with his goals and his assistants, his dribblings and tricks,”Witsel explained. Sancho was also “a good, positive boy”.

However, the English also love to “go to the limits, as a player and also as a type. We all like him, even if we sometimes have to remind him of our rules.”