WM debacle and Ozil debate: DFL demands consequences

DFL Managing Director Christian Seifert has called for a structural reform of the German Football Association (DFB) after the World Cup debacle of the football team and the heated debate about Mesut Ozil.

There is a need for reform at the DFB with regard to the structure and “above all with regard to transparency and professionalism,” Seifert said at Wednesday, on the verge of a media event at the Deutsche Sporthilfe in Frankfurt.

“I believe that the time has come to discuss within the DFB a structure that finally clearly separates a professional, paid-for management from a supervisory body consisting of amateur and professional football representatives”, so the head of the league gang continues. The DFL has “repeatedly made proposals” in this respect, which have been “heard more, usually less”. Instead, there have been “unclear competences, rules of competence and vanity discussions”.

No solution

Personal consequences of the mistakes in dealing with the Causa Oil on the other hand Seifert considers inappropriate. I see no reason to resign in this case. I find it completely absurd to accuse people acting in the DFB of racism,”he said,”I do not believe that by changing their heads, deficits can be remedied.”However, he has the impression that”within the DFB there are actors, who would like to create an occasion for this: “I find this personally indecent.”

Bottom line Seifert demanded from the DFB not only the design of a “sustainable structure” but also a “very consistent elaboration of the separation at the World Cup” as well as the increasing unsuccessfulness of the U-national teams.” The league cannot and will not shirk its responsibilities there either,”he said. In addition, it appeared from the proceedings “that during and after the case with Mesut Oezil”to draw lessons”for future debates on social issues”.

Direct reproaches in dealing with Ocil’s much discussed photo with Turkish President Erdogan and the subsequent discussion therefore Seifert did not want to make the association.

” Seeing the heat of the debate, it rather reflects the mental state of our society in the summer 2018,”he said. Moreover, given the scope of the integration debate, it is “quite a lot to ask that such a charged and complex subject be handled flawlessly”.