Wolff after Mercedes-Disaster: Lewis suffered

Wound-licking at the Mercedes factory team after the historic double-out at the Formula One race in Austria. For team leader Toto Wolff, according to his own information, it was the most painful day at Mercedes, as he betrayed in the interview after the race. But the view also goes forward again.

Mr. Wolff, for the first time in over two years no Mercedes has seen the target flag. What is the mood after this unexpected defeat?

Toto Wolff (Mercedes Motorsport Manager): “For me this is the most painful day at Mercedes. We had the first start line here, we had the fastest car. People came to us before the race and said it would be a walk. But motor sports can be very cruel.”

The disaster took its course even before Lewis Hamilton’s collapse, when he was not called to the box during the virtual safety car phase.

“We talked about it right after the race, the team made a mistake. When the virtual safety car was activated, we had half a lap to react. And we didn’t do that. At that moment we lost the race.”

The command position then clearly took the blame for Hamilton. Why was that so important?

“Lewis really suffered at that moment. He had been a great leader and came out on position four after the stop. If we make mistakes, we want to admit it. It was important to help him to give him confidence.”

Do you have to worry about the two different defects in the cars of Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, as soon as the new engine is started?

“As far as we can judge now, None of the defects had anything to do with the reliability of the engine. Valtteri had a hydraulic leak, Lewis lacked the pressure in the petrol system.

How does this result affect your confidence in the World Cup fight?


“We must now analyse the errors, understand how we can prevent this in the future and then concentrate on Silverstone. This team has built the most reliable and fastest car in recent years. I am sure we will recover from this.”

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