Wolff denies personal rift with Hamilton

The Mercedes team did not speak with a single voice to the outside about the planned season air raid of Formula 1 in Australia. While Lewis Hamilton was already on Thursday sharply criticising the greed of those in charge and advocating a cancellation of the race in Melbourne, Toto Wolff initially voted for the race weekend until he was persuaded by Daimler Group leader Ola Kaleninius on the phone, In some media, this led to reports of an alleged personal rift between Wolff and his superstar driver Hamilton.

The Mercedes team leader now denies this in an interview with the Austrian daily newspaper as “total nonsense! Lewis and I were in Australia every single second of the conversation. Also on that said night when it came to the rejection.”

“We also talk to each other every second day now. Our relationship is as close as ever. We also talk about our future every day. But there is nothing dramatic about it,”the 48-year-old assures and stresses with regard to Hamilton’s end-of-year contract:”Everything indicates that we are continuing in a form similar to today.”

Wolff himself hopes that it can finally go on with formula 1″in autumn”. Hamilton thinks about the Coronavirus pandemic “many thoughts”, does “a lot” of sports “and looks that when it finally starts, he will be as fit as he would have been in Australia,” says the Austrian.