Wolff: The fastest cars on the planet

Formula 1 has been more common in the media in recent weeks and months, but hardly any sporting aspects have been the focus of the reporting.

Rather, it was the salient statements of series leader Bernie Ecclestone or, of course, the hiccup about the mode of qualification, which has been changed every few days. Positive things, on the other hand, have been turned under the table.

This fact particularly angers Toto Wolff. The Austrian is tired of the negative headlines: we have a great sport with great cars and exciting drivers,”he wonders about the current status of the royal class. Sometimes we should praise these things and talk about, for example, That we broke a ten-year-old track record in Bahrain.”

Last weekend Lewis Hamilton entered the qualifying season with 1:29.493 minutes a new absolute lap record on the Bahrain International Circuit and thus banned the old mark of Mark Webber of the year 2005 (1:29.527), but this was made by little attention to the media.” This is a great success, and we should emphasize this more in public than we do the sport,”says Wolff.

The fastest cars on the planet

Because unlike the lap time of the Williams pilot at the time, Hamilton was driving time with a V6 engine instead of a V10 engine and standard tires, which were not fuelled by the war between Bridgestone and Michelin. In addition, the new technology makes the bolts a whole lot heavier.” This is probably the most powerful engine in Formula One history”, Wolff therefore pays respect and also calls on Wolff:”These cars are fast, the fastest cars on the planet.”

However, the motor sports director must also realise that one has really messed up the issue of qualification. The new mode of elimination was already torn up by the parties in Australia, but political postures made it necessary to deal with the system even in Bahrain before it was changed before the Great Prize by China. Wolff has had enough of this: “We can’t just throw ideas around. The formula 1 is a global sport and we have a responsibility to our viewers,”he says.

New Shootout mode conceivable

“In order to address such problems, we need to analyse them properly, research them scientifically and look at them, which has worked well and less well in the past,”says the Austrian. Wolff is pleased that Shanghai has now reverted to the old season 2015 mode. But that doesn’t mean that he couldn’t find improvements: “I can imagine, for example, a shot where the last eight cars are on the track separately,” he suggests.

But how the system will end up, He doesn’t really care: “As long as something has been properly evaluated and offers an added value to the viewer in terms of excitement, spectacles and perhaps variability, even if it is to our disadvantage, then I can live with it,” says Wolff. But until we come up with something better, I would stick to the rules of 2015.”

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