Wolff: Wehrlein deserves formula 1

After Valtteri has signed Bottas for 2017 at Williams (official confirmation is still pending), the next big question on the Transfermamarkt is what will happen to the two Mercedes juniors Pascal Wehrlein and Esteban Ocon. The best option from the point of view of the two young drivers would be if one could be placed at Renault and one at Force India.

At Renault, however, only Ocon is a topic. The 20-year-old Frenchman is the declared candidate of team leader Frederic Vasseur. His competitors for the cockpit alongside Nico Hullkenberg are Kevin Magnussen, Jolyon Palmer and Felipe Nasr. The latter brings on the one hand sponsorship money and on the other its Brazilian origin. Renault Group leader Carlos Ghosn, it is rumored, would like to serve the Brazilian market.

Should Ocon pull the short cuts at Renault, he could land at Force India. There you can calculate opportunities. Force India has already tested both Mercedes juniors. The greater talent, it is said, sees team management in the long term in Ocon. With Mercedes it is necessary to negotiate the commercial framework conditions for such a constellation. As you know, the Stuttgarts supply the financially weak team with engines.

If Ocon crashes at Renault and gets the Force India cockpit, it would be for Wehrlein to stay at Plan B. Although it is not said that both Mercedes juniors will necessarily have to drive in a team with Mercedes customer motors: they could also be placed with other engines,”says Sports Director Toto Wolff at the request of’’. So for example at Haas or Clean.

“Both deserve to be in formula 1”

“There are still a few vacancies,” says Wolff. “There are still some vacancies.” Right now, we’re negotiating for both of them with several teams. There are some options. On the one hand, we want clarity as soon as possible, but on the other hand, we are not under time pressure. We can take time to understand the market a little better.”And,”Both deserve to be in formula one. In the meantime, it is clear that at least one of Pierre Gasly’s two manor cockpits could be occupied. The Red Bull Junior, who can still be a champion at the season finale in Abu Dhabi, has not yet reached Toro Rosso at least 2017. In Austin, he met with the Manor team for talks. Now all that remains to be discussed with Helmut Marko is whether Red Bull would pay a dowry for him.

For Wehrlein, however, in the remaining four races it is a question of putting himself in a better position in direct comparison with Ocon, because at the moment the Frenchman is slightly higher in the course. This applies to Renault and Force India, but not necessarily to Mercedes. Because Wolff answers the question of who he would rather promote if he were put before the election with a metaphor: As a father he loves all his children equally…